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Manual Description:

A rugged and diverse assortment of soldiers, the Marines on the Pillar of Autumn are fighting a losing battle against the Covenant's superior weaponry and numbers. Under the leadership of Captain Keyes they continue to wage a furious struggle against the Covenant, even as their numbers dwindle. They're the best of the best - but they're only human.

These are your fellow soldiers, and the only friendly site you'll ever see in the course of the game. Although not (naturally) on the same par as you, ability-wise, these guys are no stooges; they'll fight, hard, and do some serious damage while at it. That doesn't mean you can leave them to do all your dirty work - they will die fairly quickly if left unaided - but they're not just placeholders. Plus, they're fun to listen to, having thousands upon thousands of recorded lines of combat dialogue.