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Halo: Combat Evolved Manual Description:

There are a few varieties of the Elite, but all are roughly 8' 6" tall and incredibly strong. Their strength allows them to rely on brute force when necessary, but they're quite capable of brilliant battlefield tactics as well. Their natural resilience is augmented with full-body energy shielding which recharges when depleted. They wield plasma pistols, plasma rifles, grenades and needlers.

The Elites will undoubtedly be back as your most feared Covenant opponent. The Elites will be able to make cover, as well as destroy it. Once again, there will probably several "ranks" of Elites, defined by color. The feared Sword-Elites will also be present, as seen in the Halo 2 E3 demo. And don't forget about the invisible Elites, who are just waiting to club you in the back.

The Elites are back, smarter and faster than ever, so never let your guard down.