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 2842 Posted
Thu Apr 1st, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 10:50 AM link to this newspost

The year of 2842 has been posted on the Starsiege:2845 forums. And boy, is it a doosey! Here's the obligatory snippet:

Transmissions from ISS Crimson Inquisitor fall silent shortly after she reaches her destination just outside Jupiter-L4. She is never heard from again.

Trojan Horse infiltrators succeed in releasing a new strain of nanophage virus into the New Dallas Metrozone. Thousands perish and panic ensues. When a group of infected survivors attempt to flee the city, Blood Eagle pennants guarding the perimeter gun them down and then proceed to raze the entire metrozone as a means of eliminating the contamination.
Check out the rest of the story in the thread right here. Only three more years, folks.

Edit 04/10: For those of you who haven't clued in yet, this was an April Fools joke. See here for details.

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