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the Junkyard Forum Store
 the Junkyard Forum Store
Mon Jun 14th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 23:04 PM link to this newspost

Introducing: the Junkyard Forum Store

tJY's Forum Store is, well, a store... for our forum. Inside you'll find a bunch of useful and / or useless items to enrich your forum going experience. Items are purchased with a tJY currency known as tJY Tokens - those little gold coins that are floating around the Junkyard. tJY Tokens have no monetary value in the real world, yet.

tJY Tokens can be earned many different ways but most visibly through community contributed content: submitting news, links, files, maps, demos, gallery shots, strategies, and articles. Additionally, there are dozens of ways to earn tJY Tokens through our forums, but it'll be up to you to figure out how.

Check out the comments thread below for more information on the Forum Store, Tokens, and a slew of new features to the Junkyard!

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