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One Variant Too Many
 One Variant Too Many
Fri Jul 16th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 13:14 PM link to this newspost

Yet another Starsiege:2845 snippet from the the official forums. We've mentioned it a couple of times on various weapon pages, but just to clarify: there will not be any double shot weapon variants in SS:2845 (details). As Trajan explained, this isn't an uber-weapon modification ;).

He also went on to explain that the weapons and other various components that will be present in the game will all serve a purpose. There will not be slight incremental changes in these items to serve as content filler; light and heavy variants (i.e. blaster and heavy blaster) are about as... variant as you're going to see in the game. To further the one-variant thought, we mentioned back in March that there will only be one type of auto-cannon :).

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