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SS:2845 ATR Update
 SS:2845 ATR Update
Mon Jan 31st, 2005
Posted by: Mhaddy at 10:26 AM link to this newspost

Tanqueray dropped by our forums with news that Trajan has posted an update on the SS:2845 ATR over on the official forums. Included in the update is confirmation of what we have all suspected and should (by this point in time) accepted: the ATR has been delayed until late February; due to the delay of the long-awaited T:V patch. Trajan also points out that the ATR will consist of a lot more goodies and will be a lot more polished than previously planned. For more information on why the ATR has been stepped up, as well as news on the final release, and 14 new shots of the over 200 objects in the game, head on over to the thread.

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