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Vehicles in the ATR
 Vehicles in the ATR
Mon Jan 31st, 2005
Posted by: Mhaddy at 11:02 AM link to this newspost

Just a quick update to set aside the many rumours that have been flying around: Trajan has confirmed that the only vehicles that will be present in the ATR are the Goad and the Emancipator. Almost like the original ATR ;).

Edit: Trajan has corrected me: he points out that the Eman and the Goad are the only HERCs in the ATR, not the only vehicles. I suppose that means we can expect to see a tank or two, or perhaps even infantry? Time will tell.

On a different note, those wondering how the repair bay will function, Trajan pointed out in the same aforementioned thread, that a shower of nanites will flood the vehicles, causing quite the orgasmic experience. Cool!

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