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New Imperial Legion: Adamant Storm
 New Imperial Legion: Adamant Storm
Sat Apr 16th, 2005
Posted by: IVIaedhros at 19:31 PM link to this newspost

StarSiege: 2845 now has a new Imperial Legion: Adamant Storm. While it shares the same basic design as the Fireborn and the Blood Eagle, a new cosmetic theme is noticable - especially in the helmet - which looks like a samurai's. It is not currently known whether or not this design will be featured in the ATR.

In other news, Trajan has issued a reminder that ClanCore has a need for coders, skinners, and 3D modelers. Click here to apply.

Original Annoncement

EDIT: The original post had a typo. They called it a new Imperial Legion instead of a Knight Order.

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