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ATR moved back...again
 ATR moved back...again
Tue Sep 27th, 2005
Posted by: IVIaedhros at 16:46 PM link to this newspost

I certainly can't say I'm shocked, though I am dissapointed. Oh well, life goes on...

Bad news: Ain't gonna make that September release date.

Good news: It's really close to being done

I could give you a list of valid excuses as to why we're going to miss the September release, but the bottom line is no one gives a crap about excuses. Suffice it to say the build we have is playable, but way too rough around the edges in certain areas to release to the general public. Especially after seeing some of the comments from certain quarters about the video we released. These comments convinced me that these rough edges need to be buffed as much as possible so the ADD crowd isn't confused. Therefore I'm making the executive decision to hold the release until we get some things polished up. Our sincere apologies on this but IMO releasing what we currently have would be detrimental to the well being of the project.

And I might as well spill this now...

As an FYI, we've brought a few select people from outside the staff on board to help us with bug and balance testing. These are people I hand picked due to personal experience and knowledge of their work habits. This testing is starting this week. After we get a few key issues smoothed out we will probably be bringing in a second larger team that will be overseen by this initial team.

In regards to this last part...please do not flood my inbox with "HAY MAN I WANT TO TEST STUFF" emails unless or until I ask you to. If you do before then I will just ignore them.

In the meantime, if anyone has any questions, I'll try to answer them.
Update: Trajan has mentioned that he plans to have the ATR out before Halloween, as they are "...just as eager to get this off our backs and out the door so we can move on as you are to get it."

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