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New tJY Scheme and Poll
 New tJY Scheme and Poll
Mon Nov 21st, 2005
Posted by: Mhaddy at 10:24 AM link to this newspost

You might notice things looking a bit different around here (and you may not if you have a custom scheme selected). I've mentioned it several times in my .plans, but over the weekend was the first time that things officially went live. A new site design, tentatively named Reborn has been created for tJY, as our previous layout has been in effect since mid 2002, I thought it was high time for a change. If the scheme hasn't been automatically loaded for you, you can select Reborn in the little dropdown box in the upper left-hand corner of the page. The site will be refreshed and what you'll be left with is a new and improved tJY.

The most noticeable difference, aside from the layout, is the game navigation menu. In the upper left-hand corner, there are three game icons, each denoting a series that we cover: Starsiege, Tribes, and Halo, respectively. If you click on an icon, the respective game series menu will load on the left. The menu should stay open if you revisit the same page, though we are aware of a bug that exists when you navigate away from that page, the menu will close (we are currently working on a fix).

There is also a matching forum scheme (also named Reborn) that you can select from the Preferences pane in your User CP or at the bottom left-hand corner of every page.

However, we understand that not everyone will be taken by the new scheme, so we've enabled the option for you to go back to the "old tJY" at any time and you can pretend this little makeover never even happened, thanks to Sitekore. Simply select your desired tJY scheme from the dropdown box and your preference will be saved for future visits.

In light of the new layout, we've put up a new poll for you. It asks what you think of the new Reborn scheme, so please cast your vote and leave your comments in the thread below. We'd love to know what you think (good or bad)!

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