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SS:2845 partners with Creative Labs
 SS:2845 partners with Creative Labs
Wed Dec 7th, 2005
Posted by: IVIaedhros at 17:11 PM link to this newspost

This sounds good to me, though my horrible ignorance in all things relating to hardware does not allow me to really judge anything. Below is what Trajan has said so far on the subject.

...we are now development partners with Creative Labs. They will be assisting us in working on the OpenAL and EAX sound implementation in the final release. And depending on how things go (popularity wise) possibly some free advertising.

The Creative thing is not a huge deal, at least not in regards to the ATR...Creative makes sound cards such as the Sound Blaster and Audigy. Basically what it entails is we get access to the Creative SDK's and source, we get some free soundcards to use for testing, and we get special developer pricing on any hardware made by them we wish to purchase. We also get one on one access to their software engineers and support staff.
The long-term benefits indeed look interesting. More on this as it develops.

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