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ZoMG! An update?
 ZoMG! An update?
Wed Feb 8th, 2006
Posted by: IVIaedhros at 16:07 PM link to this newspost

There's actually been an update about 2845. Just what is this world coming to anyway? Anyways, quick summary pour vous:

  • A second round of ATR testing will be beginning shortly in the next few weeks. Trajan will put out a notice along with an application and everyone will be free to apply. I believe they're looking for 10-15 testers.

  • In case you didn't notice that, " the next few weeks." part, we can now make some good guesses of when we can expect the thing. If the final testing begins in the next few weeks then I'm betting that we have about...oh, 2 months left. That's kinda long, but we should be seeing more visible markers of progress as we get closer.

  • A new umbrella website is being developed that will basically combine the current 2845 site, the Fanfic Archives, the Clancore site, Mechnexus, and Clancore Developer Networks. The new site will have a wiki, blogs, a squad database, and a variety of other community-related goodies.

  • The ranks have thinned noticably in the 2845 team, hence the delay. Trajan also adds that a helluva lot of work has been going into this with many staffers pulling more hours on the project than their actual jobs. Is that hardcore or what?

  • The Entire Update

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