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And the winners are...
 And the winners are...
Sat Mar 4th, 2006
Posted by: IVIaedhros at 15:25 PM link to this newspost

Lujan has just announced the lucky few who get to get in early for ATR testing. Congrats' to those who made it in! If you did make it, you should be receiving an email shortly if you haven't already.

Aakash "Aakash" Verma
Adam "Ace" Rorabaugh
Anthony "Blank Redge" Chou
Colin "Rhettigan" Dean
Chris Drake
Daniel "Denalin" Carew
Devlin "Cliffswallow" Baker
Fedde "Smylodon" Blokland
Ian "Razorjack" Redden
Jeremy "loop" Mahler
Jim "Mercy" Aske
Joseph "Gauss" Lawhorn
Joseph "Fatal Error" Miller
Kyle "|Blitzkrieg|" Johnson
Lisa "Moon_Fusion" Dodd
Nicholas "NoRC" Tod
Oscar "Epictetus" Sinclair
R. Todd "The Noid" Brennan
Russ Drake
Richard "END3R" Hairr
Seth Joyner
William "Nartiq" Giles

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