the Junkyard: New SS:2845 ATR Video!

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New SS:2845 ATR Video!
 New SS:2845 ATR Video!
Thu Jun 15th, 2006
Posted by: Mhaddy at 07:10 AM link to this newspost

I almost let it slip out yesterday, but buttoned right before the cat was out. But it doesn't matter anymore because the video is live and exclusive to the Junkyard! Prepare your drooling buckets folks, because once you click the link below there is no mouth that will be left un-salivated. Running just over 3 minutes and just under 70MB in size, we've got extensive Wraith battles, turret orgies and infantry action.

Grab the movie from our server below or hit up the torrent file -- I was on it this morning and got rates of over 300kb/s, so please be kind and don't rape our bandwidth, k? And if you jump on the torrent file, please seed for as long as possible, everyone benefits.

I'd also like to take a moment out to thank our sponsor, Future Point Web Solutions. If it weren't for them, tJY certainly would not be around today, nor would it be able to offer you this video. So if you're looking for a fast, reliable, and cost effective host -- please visit Future Point and tell 'em tJY sent you!

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