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Where Clancore is Headed and Why 2845 Failed
 Where Clancore is Headed and Why 2845 Failed
Wed Apr 4th, 2007
Posted by: Mhaddy at 12:36 PM link to this newspost

An interesting blurb on why Starsiege:2845 was ultimately canned has been posted on our forums by BDUAres, originally posted by Vyper on the NTDF forums. Here's a snippet:

The project was cancelled because of a collection of events that totally derailed our ability to produce anything of significance. First, Vivendi forced us to drop our initial development on UT2004 to and take up development on Tribes: Vengeance. Even though we were very close to an ATR on the UT2004 engine, this made sense; they wanted to sell more copies of T:V. But Irrational Games totally hosed the Unreal engine to the point it was unmoddable. In addition, Vivendi's agreement with IG gave IG the exclusive rights to the T:V source code, so we couldn't fix what they broke.
The post also goes on to explain where Clancore is headed:

So, if you want to know where Clancore is going from here, imagine Tribes 2 combined with Mechwarrior in a unique Universe created by us. We'll finally be free to create freely without all the chains that have held us down for four years.

Head on over to this thread for the full post and to chime in with your thoughts.

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