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SS:2845 in the press
 SS:2845 in the press
Wed Nov 19th, 2003
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Spotted over at PlanetTribes that the Tribes: Vengeance mod Starsiege: 2845 was mentioned in the mod-watch section on page 40 of the December issue of Computer Games Magazine.


All modders could take a few tips from ClanCore Design Group. Where most simply hang out and drool till a game is released, this 30-man team is prepping a total conversion for Tribes Vengeance a year before the game's scheduled September 2004 release date. ClanCore is currently working with publisher Sierra on the SS:2485 total conversion, and will be granted access to alpha code for the upcoming game as soon as it becomes available. At press time, however, the team was already pushing forward with the assistance of the Unreal Tournament 2003 engine. The mod will shift the focus away from the traditional first-person combat that's become a hallmark of the Tribes series, dealing instead with the Mech battles that characterized the Starsiege offshoot released in early 1999. One of the design team members is Blake Hutchins, a writer-producer who helped create the Tribes and Starsiege games at Dynamix, so you can expect good things from this project.

If you get a chance, pick up a copy of this to read the section. Congratulations to those at SS:2845.

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