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Wow. Starsiege:2845. Gah.
 Wow. Starsiege:2845. Gah.
Sun Feb 1st, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 15:48 PM link to this newspost

Trajan has made the next public update to Starsiege:2845 available, in 6 separate threads on their forums. I'll give a brief synopsis of this wonderful update. Click on the thread links for full descriptions and details.

Thread 1: Several Important Announcements

  • SS:2845 has officially changed its name to Starsiege:2845.
  • has received a facelift.
  • Starsiege:2845 "classic Starsiege" sponsored TDM games are underway.
  • Jobs open for an animator and coder.

    Thread 2: Demo Movie
    (Edit: Local tJY mirror is up).
  • What we've all been waiting for and thought we would have seen on the WOFN T:V broadcast a couple of days ago.

    Thread 3: New Cybrid Character Bio
    (Edit: tJY's SS:2845 character page is updated).
  • Just because there isn't a Cybrid campaign doesn't mean we shouldn't be informed of who we're slaughtering on the battlefield :).

    Thread 4: In-game Shots
    (Edit: tJY gallery updated).
  • Need I say more? *drools*

    Thread 5: Weapons in the demo movie
    (Edit: tJY weapons updated)
  • Heavy Blaster
  • Elf Mk 1
  • Emp
  • Large Laser
  • Small Laser
  • Pit Viper Missile Pack (they're back! :D)
  • MFAC

    Thread 6: Pictures from the press event
  • Pictures from the January 29th T:V press event

    Look for local mirrors of the pictures and movies soon (hopefully we can get 'em up before is hammered too heavily, heh). Mirrors:
  • Local tJY
  • Fileplanet

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