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 SS:2845 and tJY: In Sync
Tue Aug 3rd, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 22:34 PM link to this newspost

...well, almost. We mentioned yesterday that the official Starsiege:2845 site received a major facelift. Along with the new look came a plethora of new media including five new weapons, updated Infantry shots, more than 20 new in-game shots, a new wall paper, and even new logos.

To top things off, we have also updated our SS:2845 overview page that was updated with information from the recent Tribal Wars: West event. Even our press coverage page has received a minor, but much needed facelift.

However, due to the overwhelming content rush, it's only natural to miss or misprint a few things. While you're browsing through the newly updated content, if you notice something missing or out-of-line, please give us a holler. You can also take advantage of the gallery's, files' and links' submit features to earn some tJY Tokens :). Regardless though, let us know what you think of the new content and its layout.

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 Tribes:V on TechTV
Sun Aug 1st, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 21:28 PM link to this newspost

Our last mention of the Tribal Wars: West G4-TechTV blurb was that some footage from the event would make it onto the airways. Well, some great first-hand commentary from Tribes players, TW-devs, and even Thrax made it in but unfortunately for the Starsiege:2845 crew, no footage was aired. Grab the just under three-minute broadcast from Tribal War (thanks Colosus) or from tJY directly.

Kudos to Cray for the heads up on our forum.

 SS:2845 Preview
Tue Jul 27th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 20:57 PM link to this newspost

The folks over at have thrown up a preview of Starsiege:2845 based on their viewings at the recent Tribal Wars: West event. A thorough summary of the game and what is planning to be accomplished in it are included; providing a very nice overview of things. Several of the statistics that Steve the reviewer mentioned are new to me, so I'll look into getting them confirmed by the team. Update 12:24am: All facts and figures mentioned in the preview are accurate as of now.

A couple of Scarab images (also seen in the Gamespot movie) that I haven't seen before were released along with the write-up but otherwise nothing new that you haven't seen before. In either event, head on over and check it out!

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 Tribal Wars: West Wrap-up
Sun Jul 25th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 18:50 PM link to this newspost

Our last update on the Tribal Wars: West event and Starsiege:2845 was that some footage would be aired on local television stations, including G4-TechTV. Another update has surfaced on the SS:2845 forums and Trajan confirms the G4 TV footage and Vailias later mentioned that Pulse will also be airing something this coming Friday. Again, if anyone has the capabilites to record the show(s), let us know!

Gamespot will also be including a write-up of some nature on the project sometime this week to be featured in their Tribes:Vengeance section. We'll keep you updated!

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 Starsiege:2845 on TV
Fri Jul 16th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 12:40 PM link to this newspost

We mentioned earlier (here and here) that members of the Starsiege:2845 team were going to appear at this month's Tribal Wars: West event. Well, Trajan mentioned yesterday that the SS:2845 presentation is going to be aired on seveal television stations, including G4-TechTV. Both Vailias and Cenobite have confirmed attendance at the show. If anyone is in the LA or surrounding areas and gets G4-TechTV, let me know!

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 New SS:2845 Movie Soon?
Wed Jul 7th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 18:17 PM link to this newspost

We posted late June that at the upcoming Tribal Wars: West event on July 28th that a few members of the SS:2845 team will be showing the press a short presentation of their progress so far. Well, Vailias let it slip that there are very good odds that we'll be seeing some new footage released after that. Let's hope Trajan is in a good mood ;).

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 HERCs at TribalWars
Mon Jun 28th, 2004
Posted by: Mhaddy at 21:10 PM link to this newspost

Today, Trajan posted news that a few members of the Starsiege:2845 team were invited by VU Games to attend Tribal Wars: West on Friday July 28th, at the LAX Airport Marriot. A 10-15 minute presentation will be made by the team around 4pm EST. So far, both Trajan and Vailias are planning on attending so it should be a good show. Head on over to Tribal Wars for more information.

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 Tribal-Wars: Bi-Coastal LAN Party
Wed Apr 7th, 2004
Posted by:  at 20:29 PM link to this newspost

Mark 'old_skull' Szabo has informed me that on April 4th the first ever Bi-Coastal LAN Party revealed.

The First Bi-Coastal Simultaneous LAN Party!

CHANTILLY, VA (April 4, 2004) - Tribal Wars, the largest gathering of Tribes
players on earth, opens a new chapter in LAN parties by holding two
simultaneous, competing LAN parties on either coast of the USA. The party
starts on Thursday, July 22, and concludes Sunday, July 25, 2004.

Although this is the first Tribal Wars to be held, the team planning the
party is no newcomer to the Tribes LAN community. The teams that brought you
five years' worth of fun at UVALAN, the largest single gathering of Tribes
players on earth, and Tribescon, the West Coast's answer to the LAN
sickness, have teamed up to make this super-LAN a reality.

Tribal Wars will have the absolute best competition in any LAN room, along
with some of the community's best personalities. There will be amazing
sponsored tournaments, fantastic prizes, and the best party in the business.

"This is groundbreaking," says LAN organizer Tom "Cheater" Szabo. "For the
first time in history, LAN players at one coast will be able to compete with
players on the opposite coast." 2003's UVALAN 5 sold out to 400 players in
less than 24 hours, and was sponsored by many industry mainstays including
the Tribes gamesmaker Sierra, who showed off builds of their next Tribes
installment, "Tribes:Vengeance".

A sanctioned Tribes 1 and Tribes 2 tournament is tentatively scheduled for
this year, along with several other surprise activities for players. The
featured event will be an East Meets West showdown between the two sites.
May the best coast win!

"There are some great reasons to attend Tribal Wars 2004 this year," said
LAN administrator Mark "old_skul" Szabo. "In addition to a great party, low
ping, amazing machines and amazing people, we're going to be announcing some
more great reasons to attend in the coming weeks before the party." More
information will be released in the coming weeks on the official Tribal Wars

"Tribal Wars is bringing the next evolution to the Tribes LAN party scene,"
says organizer Matt "Colosus" DeWald. "For the first time ever, the two
rival factions of East and West can enjoy a singular event together. This
will truly be a spectacluar event and something you surely do not want to

UVALAN and TribesCon have traditionally been held during the summer months
and has regularly attracted many hundreds of players, gamemakers and
vendors. More information is available at Tribes
and Tribes 2 are registered trademarks of Sierra Entertainment, Inc. for more information.

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