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Posted by: Mhaddy on 03/30/2001
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The well-known and well-loved Tribes / Tribes 2 / Starsiege enthusiast site, Planet Starsiege has finally been reincarnated as Planet Tribes with the release of Tribes 2.

We spoke briefly with Planet Tribes' Hosting Manager, Ryan "Kelster" Kelly about this new, bold move:

the Junkyard: Why the change?

Kelster: Green/grey/black was depressing.

tJY: Are you still the same ol' PSS, but with a face lift?

Kelster: Yup!

tJY: Will you be offering anything new to the community?

Kelster: Within the next few days. :)

tJY: Though the days that were once filled with Starsiege news are now few and far between, why did you decide to rename the site to 'Planet Tribes'?

Kelster: GameSpy's idea since Tribes is Dynamix's main franchies. I fought it, but we did it. :)

Fin: Final Thoughts:
There you have it folks. PSS has been reincarnated but they are still the same guys we know and love :).

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