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Battlefield: 1942 Q&A

Battlefield: 1942 Q&A

Posted by: on 07/08/2002
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With all of the hubbaloo about World War 2 games nowadays, very few tend to stand out from the rest of the pack (RTCW and EA's Medal of Honor series to name a few). Battlefield: 1942 looks to become one of the classics, and a group of the guys behind it were kind enough to spare a few moments away from their busy development schedule to answer some of our questions.

The Junkyard: What are the names and positions on the development team of the people who contributed to this interview?

Battlefield: 1942 Team:
  • Ken Balthaser - Producer - EA
  • Jamil Dawsari - Assistant Producer - EA
  • Lars Gustavsson -- Producer, DICE
tJY: Can you give us a basic summary of the game?

BF1942 Team: It's an action packed first person shooter set in WW2 with over 35 vehicles of destruction that you can seemlessly take control over which marries air, land and sea in one battle in 1st person.

tJY: How will the Single-Player campaigns be organized?

BF1942 Team: The campaign mode is a string of 32 conquest missions (16 allied, 16 Axis) - pretty much like th multiplayer game except with non-scripted AI bots. In order to advance to the next mission you have to meet the objectives (score) for that level.

tJY: Will the campaigns be able to be played "co-op" over the Internet?

BF1942 Team: All 16 maps can be played as co-op over the internet. We are still testing, but it looks as though you will be able to take 32 bots into a level and as players jump into the co-op game, bots are removed.

tJY: How many players will it take to operate the vehicles? Planes, Ships, Tanks, etc.

BF1942 Team: Any vehicle can be operated by 1 person. Some vehicles allow a second or even 3rd gunner position and the APC carries a driver, gunner and 4 positions inside. There are a number of two-man bombers with rear gunners, the B17 with a pilot, belly gunner and tail gunner as well as huge ships that one person can command or have multiple people manning the different gunner positions.

tJY: Can the AI effectively steer the vehicles? Can they out-dogfight any of the dev team? :)

BF1942 Team: You'll see the AI do some pretty amazing manuevers in BF1942. From dog fighting to massive tank battles, the AI will be quite formidable. The AI enemy tanks are really badass - once they spot you, you better have a good strategy and execute without fail. There are times I'm playing the single player game and an enemy tank rolls up when I'm prone behind a sand bag and his turret is just sticking out over my head scouting the horizon . You can hear his engine rumbling and the turrent moving, trying to seek you out for certain death. And you just sit there and pray he doesn't spot you and moves on. . .it's quite a helpless feeling.

Lark: WOW!

tJY: Will human players be able to command the bots?

BF1942 Team: To a limited extent - we are still working that out as we speak. AI tweaking and bug fixing will go on until mid July. Our hopes are that basic commands such as 'follow me', 'requesting reinforcements', 'attack', 'fall back' will make it into the final product. The good news is that you can kick any AI team mate out of a vehicle to take control if you are in a pinch. :)

tJY: Will there be scripting and/or Mod Support? If so, what language will they be in (C++, Java, Python, etc...)?

BF1942 Team: TBD for the most part - we'll keep you updated!

tJY: About map editing, how will that be done?

BF1942 Team: We will release the level editor with the boxed product, but it will have limited support as the develeopment team is moving on the the next big thing. :) We are hoping our enthusiastic community will pick it up and be able to work with it for level creation. We're not sure about vehicles, weapons or other special mods.

To finish it off, The Junkyard would like to thank the folks at EA and DICE for this interview, but we've got one more question: What is the staff's favorite feature of Battlefield: 1942?

BF1942 Team: Oh man - killing each other and talking smack is always a good time. I think the most gratifying kills are strafing down in a fighter and taking out a soldier on foot just as you pull up to miss the trees. Of course, playing as an engineer, using the remote explosives and seeing someone run over your land mine is a blast. But the most gratifying is dog fighting and having bragging rights - it takes skill and a lot of practice to become an ACE pilot and reign death from above - just ask Lars . 'INCOMING!!!!!!!'

Fin: Final Thoughts:
Each time I check up on the Battlefield: 1942 news, there's yet another awesome advancement they've made in the development. Personally, I can't wait to get my grubby little hands on this game.

Oh yeah, look for the upcoming preview of Battlefield: 1942 at The Junkyard in the next few weeks!

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