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Zigma at T3o

Zigma at T3o

Posted by: Mhaddy on 10/13/2003
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Following up on the spotlight, that we shone on Zigma a little while ago; we decided to follow up with him and grab some more details. Here we go:

the Junkyard: For those who didn't read your spotlight, please briefly introduce yourself.

Zigma: Well, My full name is Alfonso Velez and i go by the handle 'Zigma' which is starting to also move itself up in real life (friends call me that etc). I'm 19 years of age and single.

tJY: When did you get involved in the Tribes community and what brought you in?

Zigma: wow, i remember it like yesterday. Back in Tribes 1, I was never in any real clan or competition, I would just play TAC ( all day. I never kept up to date on news on tribes 2, just played TAC. One day, one of my best friends Scott (mrwatermonkey) told me that he purchased tribes 2 and for me to go get it. I looked at it and said hmm, and went out to buy it.

I was hooked from day 1 and i pubbed in Necrobones T2. I joined Sapphire blade ( with Scott and he quickly became the new founder for it and we started playing in TWL comp which got us very far. We went and with hard work took rung 1 in base, base++. In the classic era, Scott stepped down as Founder and transferred everything to Daxenos and I through the years of being their became captain/somewhat Asst leader and we did remarkable in Classic 7man, making our way to the top 10 defeating/playing against such teams as aether, deleted, 8ball, NQP, and many many others.

tJY: What motivated you to create, affectionately referred to as T3o?

Zigma: I've always though of myself as being an active member in a tribes community. I did map reviews for (RIP). I was somewhat of a news editor/staff for, I took part in a mod for tribes 2 Called SMASH T2 etc. I created T3o with a lot of thought behind it. When i heard that the next tribes game was officially a go i was very excited and the more i looked at it, the more i saw that there wasn�t a site dedicated to just that game aside from the jack of all trades Tribalwar. So i spoke to Saerek (jake) about the idea and he said that he'd do it along with me. We registered (at that time Little was known that the full name of the game was Tribes: Vengeance). After we setup the forum etc I sent an email to planettribes, Tribes-Universe and tribalwar. The site was an instant success within a week and we didnt even have a front page design/template. Just a forum.

tJY: What do you believe caused T3o's rapid growth in population and success?

Zigma: One main reason was the interest in tribes vengeance. The other was the community and the active participation of Thrax/dev. He just came out of no where and fitted right in and started posting away and people became to like that and he would answer questions about the game from time to time and also with some humor in it. It made everyone laugh and get comfortable and actually see that the dev team are actual people like you and me. Over time (like now) It has died down and they mostly post in tribalwar, though we are happy with that and don't look down or up on it. We also can't forget when Marweas (sierra) called t3o a cess pool but later apologized after he saw how deeply offended the community took it and we still love him <3

tJY: How did you go by getting Thrax and the Irrational Games' Dev team to do a forum Q&A?

Zigma: I never told him/them to do that. <3 Just another way of showing you that sierra cares and listen to the tribes community more then what you might think!

tJY: What do you see in T3o's future?

Zigma: Lots of things, adding contents to the website, hosting clans/projects/etc. As a matter of fact we are currently gonna launch a new section in the upcoming days which i expect will be somewhat big and informative (i hope)

tJY: So how do you do it? How do you manage to run such a popular site and still have time for your real life and uh... anime? ;)

Zigma: Oh boy the moderators (Ophy ShAzBoT Spawne32 Ropponmatsu Timmeh The_General StormMage Zengei Construct), I have to give them a big THANK YOU for putting up with a lot of the stuff that goes in the forums and for doing their part in making sure that everything is equal. Then comes the appointed Admins (Saerek UberError Tessio Destos) Saerek for hosting, UberError for bieng a damn good coder, so good he joined the SS:2845 Total Conversion MOD that will come out with the initial release of T:V. If you ask me, he just wants to add game dev in his resume, fucker :p, Tessio for being the' best tech support dude and destos for his gfx :)

tJY: Um, can we have your car?

Zigma: I sold it. Im planning on buying a new one in the upcoming months. But im lucky enough to live in NYC where You don't need a car for Public Transportation outnumbers it and is cheaper :-P Also, Insurance for a 19yrs will be around $2500, $3000 a year and
that�s for liability O_O

Fin: Final Thoughts:
There you have it, the guy behind the site at!

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