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Tribes 2 Q&A

Tribes 2 Q&A

Posted by: on 01/14/2001
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Kelly Asay (AKA "East"), the Tribes 2 Community Programmer, was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about the new community features of Tribes 2. I'd like to give Kelly and Dynamix a big thanks for their extremely valuable time and the screenshots we snagged from them :).

the Junkyard: There have been several reports of an extremely expanded Community integration into Tribes 2, will data such as personal Scores (Kills, Caps, TK's, etc...) be recorded into a database and be available for viewing by players? Similar to the CLQ?

Kelly Asay: While personal scoring and game performance will be a part of the community in the future, this functionality will not be initally accessible.

tJY: Will Tribes 2 players still resort to individual organizations for the leagues and ladders, or will there be an integrated ladder for the Tribes?

KA: We will be providing an integrated competition system within the T2 community, but yes, the external organizations will still be present (we hope) and you'll be able to find them from within our integrated community.

tJY: Will the IRC server still be used for the community, or will a newer.. possibly better chat client than IRC be used?

KA: We are utilizing an IRC server / client specifically customized for Tribes 2.

tJY: Several rumors have been circling around that Tribes 2 will have far greater support for match broadcasting and observing, will streaming video/audio links be within various community sites inside Tribes 2 (using Winamp, or RealAudio) or will the video/audio be sent straight to a proprietary Client program?

KA: User enthusiasm and feedback shows a strong potential for Tribes 2 to go beyond the realm of a typical on-line game into the arena of an on-line sport. We have a high priority goal of facilitating the natural evolution of Tribes 2. This includes extensive support for Tribes2 Event Casting. We will release more information about this as we get closer to the unveiling of the competition system later this year.

tJY: How many different Alias(s) will a player be able to make so that other family members within the household won't screw up the main... most "r33t" player of the house's record? How will this work?

KA: We are currently evaluating the options available to us and working out the necessary logistical issues.

tJY: When a player joins a Tribe (clan), will they be blocked from joining other Tribes or will they be allowed to play for another one as well? If they are blocked from joining other Ladder tribes, will he/she be blocked from joining regional Tribes for tournaments such as the TWC (Tribes World Championship)?

KA: While there is a limit to the total number of tribes you may belong to at one time, there are no other restrictions up to that point other than a blocking feature to prevent a player from competing against a tribe to which they also belong.

tJY: How will the mod developers in the community be supported by Dynamix in their efforts to change the game?

KA: The game has been designed from the ground up to make it easier on the mod community. We will provide support and, in the the right circumstances, resources to enhance the quality of the mods. (See Strike Force).

Fin: Final Thoughts:
Again, we here at the Junkyard would like to thank Kelly Asay for taking part in this interview!

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