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Night and Day

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Night and Day
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Created by: Tim Downs

Type: Team Death Match

Players: 6-8

An Elvin Island now abandoned is now in ruins due to the stone creatures that lie on the other side of a natural portal. Necromancers have now taken over the island and are preparing an army of mass destruction that is preparing for the Great War. The recent prisoners that have been captured from the Cursed Island are being readied for drowning. As they have taken the prisoners out of the sheltered town threw the heavy fog that has set in the prisoners devise a way to escape. Having heard that their bindings will be cut just before drowning this was the best bet. As they push off the bindings are cut and the members of a small mercenary army are thrown overboard. Once all of the prisoners have been thrown over the skeleton heads back to shore where then he will head back to the encampment.

Little did the skeleton or the necromancers that commanded the island that the army members knew how to swim. As each of the members of the army make it back to the island to the island they inform them that the Army of the Dead must die. What the army did not know was that the Necromancers held a scroll that would reveal an unknown portal to them. The army plotted to kill the army during the night in the heavy fog. They knew that the area was lit from light rocks that elfish people once used, so they had to be careful in their approach.

The Island is next to pitch-black with a heavy fog. The blue team is to kill the members of the encampment. Rock cliffs with one back area surround the main area of the island with a steep path to the natural portal. There are 5 7 light rocks that will be scattered throughout the island. Also in the main area is a little bay. There is a cliff walk to through some steep rocks and a canyon area that a ship could not even sail threw. From the dock site the main area cannot be seen because of the cliffs that surround it. There is a climb to a bridge from this docking area.

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