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Cursed Island

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Cursed Island
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Created by: Tim Downs

Type: Capture the Flag

Players: 6–8

A small ship carrying a small army was heading toward the mainland many years ago. They had come upon a valuable magical stave nicknamed “The Jesters Scepter.” Even though the name the name appeared playful and full of laughs it was created to trick the common person into thinking that it was an easy magic that could be learned. However it was created for mere destruction and bad luck. The small army decided to throw this curse of an object overboard before the crew hit the island to rest. Little did they know that island was the origin of the staff’s existence. An eroded islanded had a magical area dedicated to following monks. These monks have died off since the creation of the staff. However ships from previous travelers lie buried in the land along with strange formations mimicking an unknown creature’s ribs. Once the island was explore and encampment was setup far away from the area where the staff had been thrown overboard. A goodnights sleep proved very unfortunate, as the island had drastically changed over night. The ship was missing, the island had risen high above the sea, the beaches gone, and heavy fog had set in. The sea glowed where the staff now lay. It pulsed as if it were forcing the once united army into separation over petty things that everyone clearly knew the answer to. The crew separated, set off to live on either end of the island, but this was not enough. The wanted to kill and enslave the other opposing side because of the misfortune that had come upon them. But they knew that there had to be a way for them not to kill each other while justifying their side’s belief in the situation. So they decided a game of capture the flag would have to do.

The entire island has been cursed it is barren with practically nothing on it except a few slopes. The edge of the island is a sheer drop to the bottom of the sea. There are 2 buried ships, reminisce of an old magical circle where the monks worshiped. There is series of markers that mimic a series of ribs and the small encampment. The only accessible area to the sea without falling in is glowing to mark the staff’s existence and role in this battle.

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