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The Library 1.1

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Uploaded ByJake 'ev98' Billo
Size: 9.83 MB
Format: .rar
Downloaded: 8915
Since: 01/15/2004

The Library 1.1
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Converted by MonoxideC and promoted by Nick, this map is a conversion and reconstruction of The Library for Halo PC multiplayer.

The Junkyard recommends that you apply the PPF patches in this file with PPF-O-Matic.

Installation Instructions

There are (5) files included with this mod. They are:

1. - This is the actual map file, and must overwrite the existing map. I took a poll of everyone's least favorite multiplayer level, and this map (Chiron) was chosen as the least liked, so I decided to have The Library replace it.

2. LibraryMP.Bitmaps.Required.ppf - This contains the texture for the nuke launcher, and is *REQUIRED*. [-- Apply to BITMAPS.MAP --]

3. The LibraryMP.Sounds.Required.ppf - Nuke Launcher sounds. Also *Required*
[-- Apply to SOUNDS.MAP --]

*** Note - your map will not load without applying the bitmaps patch, and without the sounds patch applied, Halo will crash the second a nuke is launched. These patches do not replace any existing textures or sounds, but rather *add* new resources to the end of the files. Applying the ppf patches will in no way affect existing textures and sounds.

4. TheLibraryMP.UI.Optional.ppf - This patch is optional, and will modify your UI to display the correct image and name/description in the map select menu. [-- Apply to UI.MAP --]

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