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Sentinal Mod 1.4

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Since: 08/14/2004

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The Sentinal Mod is a total conversion for Starsiege created by Com. Sentinal [M.I.B.], which adds 25 new weapons, 7 enhanced weapons, 3 new armors, several new components, specific vehicle enhancements, and tougher AI. The mod is 100% compatible with normal Starsiege, because you run it with the -sentmod command line (just like the mission editor's -me). That means that you won't have to un-install the mod to play Starsiege normally. The version 1.4 update fixes the crashing bug with the Ultra-Violet Pulse Cannon (UVP) in software mode. It also tweaks a few of the weapons for balancing purposes and addresses some serious issues with armor and weapons. For more information, please visit the Sentinal Mod page.

Description courtesy of MIB HQ.
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