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ACrisp's D&D Mappack

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ACrisp's defend and destroy mappack, containing:


The mission briefings describe them pretty well. There are also 3 stdlibs:

baseCaptureStdlib.cs - this file can also be used for Capture and Hold maps. It uses a trigger with both visible and invisible flags to allow a player to capture a base CTF-style (flag changes color to the controlling team). Up to five "capturables" can be supported.

DDStdlib.cs - This contains the functions needed for the actual Defend and Destroy scoreboard and the means to detect when critical structures are destroyed.

teamSetupStdlib.cs - this script allows the maps to be divided along faction lines: such as Imperial versus Rebel, Human vs Cybrid, Cybrid vs Metagen, etc. Both the included maps have this built into them, but it can be disabled quite easily by setting $noFactions to TRUE.

Details can be found in the forum thread.
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