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Starsiege Maps: MIB Map Pack #6
MIB Map Pack #6

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Uploaded BySentinal [M.I.B.]
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Since: 09/11/2002

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Thanks to the efforts of Sentinal, Raven, StormTrooper, Powio, Max Damage, Emanc*s Fart, Deathrow, and DarkRaven of the Men In Black, Dull, and Spawne32, MIB Map Pack #6 contains 299 of the coolest multiplayer maps ever made for Starsiege, including all of the maps from the original MIB Map Packs 1-5. There are also 73 brand-new maps, including 10 Command & Destroy maps (C&D), Starsiege Sorcery, Starsiege Golf, Starsiege HyperBall, more Flag Tag maps, more NASHERC Race Tracks, and of course, more DeathMatch maps! The pack also includes updates to previous maps. All of the maps use terrain that came with the game, so anyone will be able to join your server to play. Also, be sure to read the included readme. Enjoy!
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