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Uploaded BySentinal [M.I.B.]
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Since: 09/11/2002

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Created by Com. Sentinal [M.I.B.], Starsiege Chess is a complete fully-functional chess game scripted into Starsiege. The pieces are made from human and cybrid vehicle husks and the chess board is an elaborate terrain created by Gen. Powio [MIB]. The interactive cursor system allows for easy selection and movement of pieces, as well as feedback error messages if you try to make an illegal move. SS_Chess also supports all special chess moves, including en passant, king & queen-side castling, and pawn promotion. The script will also warn you when your king is put in check, if you attempt to move your king into check, or if your king will be in check if you move a different piece. It's THAT sophisticated! SS_Chess also has a surrender option, so that a player can surrender when placed in checkmate or stalemate. SS_Chess also supports the use of optional keymaps such as HercBoost_Keymap.cs and includes the new 8-button Universal_Keymap.cs. These keymaps are NOT required to play, but they make gameplay much faster than scanning drone balls. Starsiege Chess is an awesome game which brings the complex mental game of Chess into the Starsiege Universe. So why not play it with a fellow squadmate or friend?
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