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RC Rampage

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Uploaded BySentinal [M.I.B.]
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Since: 09/11/2002

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This map created by Gen. Raven [M.I.B.] puts you in an arena where players can control an RC car or plane. Players can control their RC vehicle either by using the HercBoost Keymap, or by scanning directional arrows at the edge of the arena. Players can use their RC vehicles to play 4 different games:

RC Seeker Hunt - Run down seekers with your RC vehicle to score points.

RC DeathMatch - Destroy enemy RC vehicles by firing your RC vehicle's weapon at them.

RC Racing - Race around a P shaped track for 5 laps.

RC Capture the Flag - Steal the enemy team's flag and return it to your own, but watch out for enemy fire!

For the easiest control of your RC vehicle, it is recommended that you download the HercBoost Keymap
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