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Andrew's CTF Mappack

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Andrew's CTF Mappack
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Containing four maps, all with new terrains:CTF_Fyodor_Station, CTF_Rangrid_Base, CTF_Nexus_Shiva and CTF_Simeiz_Vallis. Click on the names for more information or see below.

1. CTF_Rangrid_Base: Set on Venus, this is a close-quarters fight between two neighboring mining stations. The area recently had some heightened volcanic activity however, and much of the ground in the valley where both bases are located is still too hot for vehicles to traverse safely. Any vehicle not on base grounds, the hilltops or the winding road between both bases can expect to experience a gradual loss of structural integrity, making forays on anything but the fastest vehicles a risky proposition - especially with hostile forces shooting at you.

2. CTF_Fyodor_Station: (This map was originally intended to be an Imp vs Rebel CTF game, and I may incorporate alternate script elements - see the stdlibs that came with my Defend and Destroy mappack - to make that a reality) Two Martian bases seperated by a landscape of eroded mesas are currently shrouded in a duststorm. Visibility is very poor: pilots will have to rely on their sensors more than their eyes to see the enemy. A good map for cloaked vehicles and surprise attacks.
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