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Date posted: 11/28/2003
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1.03 can't come soon enough...
I was coming home from Ryerson yesterday - and I had a pretty fucked up day. For starters, it was raining. Not just that ordinary spitting crap, but the make you want to stay indoors kinda crap. So naturally, I bring an umbrella - one of those small extendable-types. Coming out of the Subway station, heading to Ryerson, I figure I'd act cool and just fling the embrella down, simultaneously opening it up. Well, heh, just as I do that the umbrella breaks apart and hits some guy in the leg.

Then I didn't do too well on one of my exams, so all I wanted to do once the day was over was just go home and let the aggression out, healthily. So after walking from Ryerson to Union in the pouring rain (thanks Samsonite "Royal Class" umbrella and lack of funds to take the Subway), I reach home looking to crank the tunes and play some Halo.

Only problem is, I boot up my computer "IDE HDD FAILURE". WTF?! After smacking the PC a few times and restarting several times, it finally fires up normally and I load some Linkin Park, Sum 41 and Gob into the winamp playlist and head into Halo. Then - Halo gives me "exception errors" for the next 15-20 minutes. Great. Fucking great.

Finally, after killing a whole bunch of processes the game boots up and I find a nice 40 ping server and start fragging. I am just on a role! Picking off people with the sniper rifle and blowing up 'hogs with the rocket launcher... then the TK'ing starts.

I was playing with grey wolf at this time and it's just funny how many times I've been killed because I got to the sniper rifle, 'hog, rocket launcher - whatever, before another guy did so they come up behind me, smack me over the head or shoot me in the back just to get it.

Bungie, get 1.03 out fast as you are losing a helluva lot of dedicated fans over bloody n00bs.

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