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Date posted: 12/03/2003
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Philosophy 101
Well, for the past few days I've been slaving away at this damn essay for Philosophy 101 - worth 30% of my final grade, phew! It's kind of nice though, it takes the place of an exam... so if I can pull off a 70% in it then I should end up with an 80% in the course overall. Then on this upcoming Monday I've got Part B of my ITM100 (business with IT) exam, heading in there with a mid-80 mark or so. Coming up on the Tuesday I've got my Human Resources exam - now that, I'm scared for. I'm going in there with high 70's or low 80's but you must pass the exam to pass the course :(. Finally, on the Thursday I've got my Statistics exam. On the first two tests, I pulled off an 87% and an 82%, respectively, while the class averages were 40% and 57% respectively. So my mark should be an 84% or so going in - but the exam is worth 50% so, heh, *gulp*.

Not bad for first year, eh? :D

Baaah... I've been playing a lot of Halo recently, trying to calm down the stress and alleviate anxiety for the upcoming exams. The only problem is, bloody n00bs and TK'ers are really, really screwing the game up for me. It's hard to find a decent server now-a-days. But, I'm usually in !Asgard! or HBO-GameDaemons or HBO-COERCE when they're not full (which is like, never). Stop by #junkyard on and join me for a game. Or, if you join and I've got my @Mhaddy|Halo tag on - msg me or the channel and I'll drop the server name or IP. See you on the battlefield.

Is my arm supposed to bend like that?
--From tonight's game with Tanq (ex-tJY Staffer) and Tru7h in !Asgard!

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