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Date posted: 12/03/2003
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I promised a few of my friends (who typed my name into Google on a lark) that I'd write something closer to home my next update. I figure it's only fair that I share a bit about what my school is like with anyone interested in reading .plan files.

Disclaimer: Anyone in a staff position from St. David CSS is forbidden from continuing to read if the end result is to suspend/expel me for "violating security" or "conduct injurious". :P Can't be too careful these days.

Out network administrator (site admin, IT guy, whatever you want to call him) is Neil. Neil himself isn't too bad of a guy: he runs a shipshape Novell ZENworks system, rolls out Ghost images to the PC's within an hour of a teacher requesting a change, and is pretty conscious about security (being as we're running Windows XP, that's a pretty rare trait.) However, some of the restrictions Neil places on the computers -- some of them through no action of his own -- are downright ludicrous.

Try opening a new window in Internet Explorer. Simple enough task, right? (ugh, IE's our only browser - Board policy.) "Restrictions" dialogs appear. Try Viewing Source? Same thing. So my immediate reaction to any one of these boxes is to scream "NEIL!" in frustration.

Adobe Photoshop Elements won't start without informing us that "registry editing has been disabled by your administrator". Visual Basic won't let students place OCX controls into their projects -- some of which are REQUIRED elements of the course -- because it crashes hard, likely due to some restriction. The Properties panel in Windows Explorer? Refuses to display.

The one major problem is, I know there have been at least twenty more simple instances where I've tried to do a legitimate task, only I'm unable to recall them. Our school proxy server denies ALL cookies whatsoever, making many services absolutely worthless.

So that's my technology-induced bitching for this evening. I'm Jake 'Evergreen98', and goodnight. :)

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