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Date posted: 12/08/2003
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An Apple... to play with?
Just today, it was announced that Halo for the Mac went gold. This is great news! As it turns out, just last night a buddy of mine (who has an old Mac, but a Mac none the less) was over and we were chatting about when he'd be able to play with me. Heh, he is always over pushing me off my own computer to play Halo PC online - and he just loves it; he isn't even the "gamer" type.

I for one, am looking forward to the challenge. It'll be interesting playing a cross-platform game. What'll be even more interesting is to see how the netcode of Mac Halo stands up to the netcode of Halo PC - especially with the pending release of the 1.03 patch that was supposed to be released today. Nay, I know Marc never said it would be released today and given that today isn't over yet there still is hope. But, I digress...

I'm sitting here on the 10th floor of the library at Ryerson, "studying" for my next exam, MHR405 at 8:00 tomorrow morning. Just finished part B of my ITM100 exam a couple of hours ago and heh, it could've went either way. Two essay questions and a, heh, a "match column A to column B" question. I know I got at least 5% on it ;).

Oh well, back to studying .

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