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Date posted: 12/11/2003
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1.03: GET LOST.
I couldn't wait for the day when Gearbox would finally release the 1.03 patch for Halo PC. Why? Because team killing was really ruining this game for me. Other improvements promised like tweaked netcode and improved performance were nice but I found nothing wrong with the 1.02 netcode and my rig (stats) ran the game at 1024*768*32 with everything maxed at a constant 30 fps just fine. No problems with the performance (though I did have to upgrade to get it ;)).

Nonetheless, the TK'ing on pubs was what I was really looking forward to. So the 1.03 patch is out. Yay. Well, I've got kind of a love-hate relationship with it at the moment. On one hand, the anti-Tk solution - though not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, is an improvement over nothing.

Ah hah, but what about the alledged "improved netcode"? Many people don't have a problem with it, but like I mentioned, I flat out hate it. With the new lead, I can't hit anything. I've bitched and moaned on a number of forums about this so I won't reiterate here but the meaningless pings (in intervals of 33, wtf?), vehicle warping and performance hit are enough to put me over the edge. I've had enough of this, ugh.

Oh, and finished my last exam today; Statistics. Two and a half hours of alloted time for mind-numbing calculations that I finished in about one and a half hours and oddly enough, I feel pretty confident about it *knock on wood*. And with that, I am officially finished the first semester of university and I don't go back until January 7th!

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