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.Plan for Charles 'grey wolf' Banas
Date posted: 12/12/2003
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Sadness, despair, bleach.
yeh, life can suck sometimes, and this is one of those times. bleach was spilled on 6 of my shirts - all dark colors - and now they have these butt-ugly big purple blotches on them. what's saddening is that four of them were my favorite shirts. and i can only replace three of them. my favorite shirt of all, a Linux t-shirt, is no longer available form thinkgeek, and it can't be replaced.

on a lighter note, i had a bette rnight than ever in Halo tonight. i don't know if it was my tweaked drivers or my mood or what - but i rocked that server - unusually well.

ahh, i'll just go eat my jelly bellies... maybe just gorge myself on the Jalapeño jelly bellies.

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