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.Plan for Charles 'grey wolf' Banas
Date posted: 12/13/2003
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do you love me?

this is the conclusion of human evolution. there is nothing beyond what we are and what we've achieved.

that's the point of view, in my opinion, of someone who has come to the point where he is beginning to understand life but hasn't found its meaning. that's the point a lot of us have come to. we've spend our wretched lives looking, searching, for something - anything - that would give it all meaning. purpose. life. love.

that's what we're all after. we all want something that will give us life, love, purpose, meaning and happiness. but rarely in that order. and rarely does anyone ever come near something that gives them what they want.

when i went for a walk today, i saw lots of new cars and trucks, and a few new RVs, boats, Skidoos, etc. all of them looked unused. the trucks' beds were empty. the RVs were dusty. the boats looked as if they'd never been out of their trailers. some people look for happiness in the stuff they buy. they believe it'll bring them all the love and life they need. the next thing you know, they're deep in debt, declaring bankruptcy for the fourth time, and the IRS is investigating them for possible fraud. is this what life is about?

i sure as hell hope not.
this is the kind of mindset that you're left in after watching Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of Evangelion. quite an eye-opening experince to see on the screen exactly what's been plaguing your heart all your life.

i write this listening to the Evangelion VOX soundtrack, which is hopeful, but not quite happy.

i hope and pray that people will begin to find the purpose they seek - though i'm sure it won't be quite what they think it will be.

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