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.Plan for Jake 'ev98' Billo
Date posted: 12/15/2003
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A dual plan.
I have two possible sections to discuss this evening. Firstly is the event that some people must think I'm really stupid; secondly are my feelings about "pirating" music.

* * * You Must Think I'm Stupid Or Something, Jose * * *

One of my good friends passed me an evil link tonight: (The link does not go to the specified address, for what it's worth.) In any event, fools attempt to trick me with stuff like this on a regular basis. Back when the "You Are An Idiot" page was all the rage, I got hit maybe twice. Both times I was successful in exiting the offending process without losing anything except my dignity. Now that I've smartened up and got to know some knowledgeable tech folks, I no longer use Internet Explorer (except at school, where it is enforced.) My choice is Mozilla Firebird for browsing and Mozilla Thunderbird for email. With all the spam I get from my email account, it's a necessary tool.

* * * You Must Think I'm An Idiot, RIAA * * *

Seriously, I don't get it. The Recording Industry Association of America probably rues the day MP3-swapping became commonplace with the advent of Napster. If Napster hadn't been around, there would have been less incentive for me to get broadband, and less incentive for me to even consider sound as a viable option for a computer.

I used to never turn on the speakers because they were alllll the way across the room, connected to an amplifier. I could have had some kickin' sound. Guess what? That wasn't happening before MP3's became easy to download.

When do most people get into music? I'd guess that I got off to a late start because there was really nothing that I liked. I'd buy a CD occasionally, but other than that, music just wasn't there for me before the advent of the MP3.

Now? I listen to direct album rips from trusted sources -- the trading of which is legal if made from a first-generation copy in Canada. Hell, even the lame quality files on Kazaa aren't violating any copyright laws in this great country of ours.

Like I mentioned in my last .plan, if the movie indistry stopped pushing out crap, I might buy it. For any of those unenlightened, I support what Downhill Battle does; although some of their activist methods are a bit extreme, I agree with their ideology and principles.

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