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.Plan for Jake 'ev98' Billo
Date posted: 01/14/2004
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Red tape sux0rz.
If this gives you any indication of our board's IT department, here follows an IRC transcript:

[22:53] We had a P41.7 go screwy with sound drivers and video output.
[22:53] Technician couldn't get the DVD burner and CD-ROM drives to be recognized in Windows.
[22:53] It needs a reformat, IMO.
[22:53] of course
[22:53] Technician sends it to another school for three weeks to get it "fixed".
[22:54] This other school is the only one with qualified Compaq repair techs there.
[22:54] On the day it arrives back, I bet the teacher it comes back in worse shape than it left in.
[22:54] As I expected, no problems were fixed, and suddenly the D:\ drive (80GB unit) isn't there anymore (with student work on it.)
[22:55] My friend is flipping out, as he had a DV Premiere project on that drive.
[22:56] So I open the case (grounds for removal from entire computer network for the rest of my given life, plus about 20 days if the principals want to fulfill their suspension quotas...)
[22:56] What do I find other than the POWER CONNECTOR is not reattached.
[22:56] oh, God
[22:56] I plug it back in, boot it up, the drive reappears.
[22:57] That would have taken another three weeks for them to fix that if I hadn't done it, and they'd likely have screwed up something else too.
[22:57] Meanwhile, I could have got owned if one of our IT staff or administrators had walked in on the little repair op.

Red tape is a waste of my time and yours.

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