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Date posted: 01/21/2004
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Halo2 Revelations - Another C&P
Once again, a copy and paste from this thread, because I've already posted all my good content there. :)

My friends are now under the belief that Halo 2 is a big scam -- that it doesn't exist at all. It's comical, because we refer to it as "the game that doesn't exist". It would almost be a candidate for the Vaporware Awards, because all the fans were expecting 11/15/2003. Of course, that hope was dashed a long time ago.

What I want? Not a playable demo. That'd ruin it. I want something like the "attract" videos to be released, and maybe a description of the first three or four levels. The Silent Cartographer didn't add too much to Halo's plot; this is why it was the major promo level. Ultimate greatness would be a nice, 10-minute video of some gameplay, or even some more screenshots.

Considering as the BIK attract videos are something like 100MB each for Halo, I'm sure that can be reduced to a decent size. The only problem is that I don't think they're done yet, but another little secret was that the attract videos for Halo 1 were filmed in a Halo beta version. Look in the bottom left corner when watching one on the Xbox. There's a scene in one on Silent Cartographer where someone throws a grenade; a series of numbers appear there, indicating grenade distance/damage/I don't know what. Another attract video shows a plasma grenade sort of flashing on and off. You can also tell that the framerate limiter wasn't on for those.

Assuming the game is still scheduled for April or thereabouts (although the release date has been speculated to be April 1, 2004, adding more fuel to my friends' rumors that the game doesn't exist -- April Fool's Day :)) I don't think that's too far off to ask.

Actually, I want to know how the performance is doing. I'd like to see Halo 2 pull off the same reasonable ~30fps that Halo does on the Xbox. But the newest videos (check out the interior scene in the Film Oasis movie, in first person view) look like 15-20fps to me. Anyone concur?

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