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Date posted: 01/30/2004
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Can you hear me now?
Shoutcasting. Always something that I've wanted to do and always something I wanted to see appear on the Junkyard at some point in time. In fact, about a year or so ago, I ran a small shoutcast server on my PC while I was at work and to my surprise, it was pretty popular. Unfortunately... bandwidth issues eventually killed it, even my cable has it's limits.

Nevertheless, the idea of a game-related shoutcast stream for tJY users popped in my head about a week ago while I was playing a game of Halo with a buddy. Wouldn't it be cool to hop on a server of your favourite game and load up some of the game-related music and just chill out?

Heck, check out our music section for SS:2845 - a game not due out for another year or more and we've already got an abundance of great tunes from a variety of talented artists. I have a ton of Edgen's stuff rotating through my playlists all the time. Recently, I found out that I was not alone in my thoughts when I stumbled upon this thread on the SS:2845 forums - a community member asking for the exact same thing.

Sooo... what now? Well, unfortunately bandwidth is definitely going to be an issue. When I ran this idea by grey wolf, he threw out some ballpark figures (correct him if he's wrong):
  • For a decent stream of 96kbps, that's 12kB/s per user, so about 1.2MB/s for 100 users.
  • Assuming we had an average of 50 users per month, that's 1.47 terabytes. Yeeouch.
  • Taking that number and splitting it in two, 25 users per month, that's still 750GB.
  • Dividing that yet again in ~half, 12 users per month, that's still 360GB.
    Sooo... we're going to have to weigh our options. We might throw something up and see what the demand is and go from there, but, if you're really interested in this, drop me a line and let me know.

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