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.Plan for Jake 'ev98' Billo
Date posted: 01/30/2004
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This Halo 2 Business
As I expected, many of my friends are in shock about the release date. One particular friend of mine (we'll call him Jose) pre-ordered Halo 2 from Electronics Boutique expecting a release in Fall 2003. Hopefully he's still got the preorder ticket a year and a half later.

You know what? I think it will be massive chaos to obtain a copy of this game. For sure, it will command the premium price point - that's $79.99CAD - in stores and might even be a bit more than that. Price will not be the issue, but obtaining a copy can.

I sure as hell hope that releasing the game this fall will give them ample time to get copies pressed and in stores. I had trouble finding a copy of Halo PC three days after the "release" date, and when I did get it, the game wasn't even on store shelves yet.

When Xbox Live launched, I was in a posse with two other gamers, and just coincidentally we had November 15, 2002 free from school. At about 10AM we ran into Future Shop and there were ample Xbox Live kits in the video game section. Greatness ensued for the rest of the day and for the rest of the next week as we played MotoGP. Most of us acquired MechAssault the next week.

Discs are easy to press. Just make sure you have enough of them, and please consider how many copies of the game employees will snag!

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