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Date posted: 02/19/2004
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well, shit.
Well, my job is going in the shitter any more. I've got a great friend there - Richard - who seems to feel the same way about shit that goes on as I do and wants to leave just as bad as me.

But a couple of my coworkers are just plain intolerable. I won't bother with names because you guys don't know them.

One guy has made himself the self-appointed IT guy. He's a former Dell tech support "technician" who seems to think he's important. He's the grandson of the company "President" and as such gets paid $1/hr. more than any of the other 3 underlings there. But every time I've seen him, he's sitting on his ass doing nothing. Occasionally, he makes it look like he's working, but he's just chatting with someone on MSN Messenger, reading some obscure article, surfing "news of the weird" or some other dumb thing. When he actually gets around to doing what he was told to work on, he finds that Richard has already done 50% of the total work (and is still going) and then accuses him of changing the name on the record. You know, shit like that.

But a few days ago, this guy set a new "office policy" that we can only have 4GB of MP3s. Under the guise of following this "new policy", he deleted my entire MP3 collection. Needless to say, I was unhappy. So I brought up the issue to my boss the next morning. Well, the good news was that my boss agreed. What the guy had done was wrong. But, my boss seemed to miss the entire point I was trying to make. I tried telling him of all the shit that the guy does, pointing out that because he doesn't do any work he shouldn't be working at all. But my boss simply changed the subject and tried to play down its importance, chewing me out for even HAVING an MP3 collection. He was more worried about an RIAA lawsuit that would never come than he was about one of his employees not doing his fucking job.

And then to add to the aggravation, this guy has the arrogance to play up the fact that he is the "president's grandson." I'm not the only one who holds the opinion that he should be fired. For many, many reasons that I haven't even touched on yet. This isn't a small number of isolated incidents. This is a small part of the bigger problem. Fuck, I've seen him playing the World of Warcraft Alpha over VNC while he's at work. This is wrong and my boss doesn't seem to see it.

Oh, but the fun is just beginning. Another coworker is icredibly anoying. I walk in in the morning and am usually greeted with "Hi, Mr. Charles!" It's the same story with his kids. They do the same thing. I won't even go into how bad his parenting is.

The guy is overly polite. ALWAYS addresses people by "Mr." or "Miss." Won't even talk to you to your face. He'll send you an email if it's mean. All ways "too busy" to talk, too. But never too busy to write long emails.

He's just a "yes man". Boss says to do something, and he does it. Even if he disagrees with it. And he just seems to play dumb most of the time. And he's the "superviser"?

That's just bullshit if you ask me.

And you know what else? I found out this guy makes $4,000/mo. FOUR THOUSAND. PER MONTH. Paychecks handed out on the 5th. by the 7th, he's broke. FLAT BROKE. Even with 4 kids and a wife, living in Twin Falls is NOT that expensive. Especially when you consider they shop for food at the local WinCo. The cheapest place in the STATE to buy food. And he's BROKE?

Fast-forward to today. I usually eat lunch at his house with his family. (Me, complain about free food?) Never a big deal. Never had problems. I get along with his wife very well, so there's no reason for there to be problems. But today, apparently he sent me an email (God knows which account) that i never received. Supposedly this nebulous "email" tells me why I can't eat at his house any more. When I told him I never got any such email, he gave me a bullshit excuse. I'm beginning to think he never sent any email. He said he sent it to my "grey wolf email". OK. I asked which one. He shrugged and changed the subject and left for lunch without me. No explanation. No email.

I can tolerate being lied to since i'm usually good at finding out, but when it's something like this - no way to verify fact or fiction - it's something quite bothersome. I left for lunch and haven't gone back today. Haven't even eaten yet I'm so upset.

It's hard for me to work with people like this. People who seem to act as if they don't want me around. Fine. I won't be around.

I'm considering handing in my resignation next week. I can't take shit like this.

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