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.Plan for Jake 'ev98' Billo
Date posted: 03/01/2004
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New Purchase Decisions
Well, it's come time again where I feel I'll have enough spare cash to do one of many activities. I've never been really good with saving money ever since I've acquired a debit card, and realize that I should probably write another .plan. It's been a while since I updated. :)

So what should Jake get?

  • Another 120GB Western Digital SE drive for storage. (I have one already and it's been rock solid for me.)
  • A Motorola V300 camera phone. (Wicked phone. Don't know if I need it though. More for the "toy" value. This involves a recurring cost.)
  • A new 19" monitor to replace my used Diamond Pro 900u. I'd be looking at a nice black one to compliment the rest of my setup.
  • Accessory heaven -- new Logitech Elite black keyboard, a video editing card, a nice pair of headphones, possibly a webcam, a switch or cheap router for this room to give me more Ethernet cable space.
  • Upgrade to a business Internet plan for anywhere from $20 extra per month to $50 extra per month (4Mbps down, 640Kbps up.)
  • Cheap-ass computer system. Depending on the purpose, an ECS integrated mobo with XP2800+ and 256MB of RAM, or a mildly-better custom built A7V8X-X system would work for my needs. Hell, I could probably go with a VIA Epia system -- you know, one of those cheap "fit-anywhere" motherboards with integrated CPU. The purpose would be a glorified alarm clock, MP3 player for my bedroom, and a low-traffic webserver, probably running Linux and accessing all network data via SMB shares from my Windows boxes downstairs. Ideally it should also be quiet. Keeping in mind that a P3-600 costs about $150CAD used, I'd say the prices on this page for cheap integrated mobos are decent enough.
  • Save up, Jake! I'm really looking into purchasing an Athlon 64 board -- specifically the Gigabyte GAK8N-Pro (4 IDE channels of glory + gigabit LAN) and corresponding Athlon 64 CPU. Although AMD reduced their prices, around here the redistributors are selling them for about $30 more than they should be. My best prices are $330 for an A64-3000+ or $454 for an A64-3200+ (I'd like the 3200+ because it has 1MB of on-die cache.) In total that's anywhere between $633 and $743 that I'd be out of pocket just for a new board and CPU. I don't know if the increase in performance would be worth it for me, with an A7N8X Deluxe and Barton 2500+ already. (By the way, my existing setup is quality, and the 2500+ is dirt cheap now, and one of the best performers for the buck.)

Let me know what you think by e-mail (evergreen98 at the-junkyard dot net) or PM on the Junkyard Forums. If not, fine. Go get Neiled. Either way, I don't care. :)

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