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Date posted: 03/16/2004
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Will Work for Bandwidth!
As a programmer, I'm sure you realize that my typical salary should be in the neighborhood of $20-$50,000 per year. Instead, on a project actually worth as much as $10,000 (for what it does and how it's used), I have actually earned only $5,000 for my work in maintaining and extending it. That's between $400 and $800 per month. My gross income for 2003 reported to the IRS was only $5,465.

Why am I bringing this up?

A month ago, I heard that my boss (and his 100% obedient yes-man) was fired from his previous job because he had been acused of embezzlement. For the last 2 years, I had been led in circles and lied to about the conditions that led to the discharge of a dozen people at Calvary Chapel Twin Falls' Calvary Satellite Network radio. Now I don't know what to believe. (I half hope that this blog will be found by one of the companies that is putting forth petitions to deny against my company's applications with the FCC.)

Yesterday morning, I learned from a coworker that it had been announced at the morning meeting that the company was going broke. Everyone was informed that they were going to have to look for a second job. No doubt everyone is going to be forced to cut back and work there for free. Including the fat oaf that gets paid $4,000 per MONTH. (The excuse? "We aren't making any profit.";)

I didn't bother going to work this morning because I've lost all desire to apply my hard work to a project that seems to be an endless cycle of pointless, fruitless work. My boss is always too busy to give me new work (so I spend most of my time idle, hoping that something will break so I get to fix it) and that I don't have to touch our convoluted and poorly managed database to ad some new dumb useless feature.

Probaby the most annoying thing is that over the course of 3 months, myself and one coworker added so many features and code to our toolchain and database, that we were able to completely replace a piece of software that cost us over $60,000 in licensing. And some of the decisions I've made for my development environment (such as using GCC over Visual C++ .NET) have saved over $5,000 alone, and still gives us a lot of room to expand and move our toolset to Linux, BSD, or any other environment. And I've earned $5,000 for all of that work.

And the company is not making any profit. Great work, Einstein! You discovered that putting in almost 5,000 radio translator applications for noncommercial translator licenses that are going to cost several million dollars per year to maintain is probably a bad idea unless you're Bill Gates. (In which case, you don't give a shit about making a nation-wide Christian radio network.) Where did they think the money was going to come from? Did they think God was going to drop a few thousand bundles of money in their laps so they could build the 5,000 stations?

I want to get out of this company. I want to move out of the state and forget I even know my boss. I want to get out of broadcast engineering once and for all.

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