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Date posted: 03/17/2004
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The Meeting
Tonight has been a hell of a night.

I feel kinda sick. But not because I'm making an effort to go to work today to make the morning meeting. And not because I'm going to talk to my boss about my employment (and possible premature termination thereof). And not even because of my complete lack of sleep. (I've seen my bed, just haven't touched it.)

I feel sick because of 6 glazed doughnuts, 4 cans of Moutain Dew, and a handful of triple-cheese Doritos. All because of the all-night (unplanned) Stargate SG-1 marathon. (We WERE going to watch some Ranma or 3x3 Eyes... And Schindler's List...)

Well anyway, I feel like I'm on the war path. In just under two hours from now, I'm leaving for work. With my source of income kicking the bucket, I quite obviously have some concern as to whether my financial security is assured. It was shitty pay anyway, but that's just the nice way of saying, "I'm fucked and on the way to the unemployment office."

I also have a lot of personal concerns. My boss is actually the father of a very close friend of mine. I'm concerned that going to unemployment could eventually lead to some serious financial (and possibly legal) trouble for him (for reasons obvious to those familiar with the US Job Service). He's a great guy and a good friend, but a bad boss and worse manager.

I've never liked talking to him as my boss. I guess no one does. Is it nature or just my sick stomach?

Damn wind. I wish it would die down. My scalp is cold.

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