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Date posted: 03/21/2004
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April showers, bring May flowers
... or so we're hoping. We've got some big things planned for tJY for the month of April. Evergreen has a nice three-part article series on Halo 2 cooked up for you guys; several spotlights are lined up - many on the Starsiege:2845 dev team; a couple of interviews from the Halo and Starsiege communities; along with something very special that has to be seen to be believed, heh. Needless to say, April should be a very busy month for us all.

On that note - finals. Myself, along with many of you I'm sure have finals coming up in April. I've got five to my name: Philosophy, Marketing, Management, vB.Net Programming, and Accounting. They're worth 35%, 50%, 60%, 50%, and 50% respectively. So yeah, that should be fun... if by fun you mean a slaughterhouse. The plus side of things (if there is one), is that my last final is on April 29th so I'll have a nice three to four months free from that intellectual prison that I call Ryerson.

Well, back to the grindstone...

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