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Date posted: 04/09/2004
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After many, many months, Sitekore (the site management script that runs tJY) is finally reintegrated with vBulletin 3. Well, almost that is. At the moment, the public login functions are operational so you guys can now submit items to us again (i.e. gallery images, links, strategies, articles, etc). What I'm still working on is the comments functions for various sections. As you may have noticed from Evergreen's latest article, he had to manually create the comments thread in our forums and then link it back to his article, and vice versa. At the moment, the news comments have been tested and are working (though at the date of this .plan, there is no news post with comments ;)). Anyhow, articles and interviews should be operational though they are untested and I have yet to upload the upgraded files for Sitekore, heh. But hopefully over the next couple of weeks things should be completely back to normal. *crosses fingers*

On another note, come this Monday I will be officially finished classes for my first year at Ryerson. The only thing that I have left to do is exams :(. Check out my previous .plan for a listing of my exams and how much they're worth.

Finally, in the next couple of days, you should be seeing an interview being posted on Edgen and SleepyBrightEyez of the SS:2845 team. Whoops, did I say that?

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