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Date posted: 05/03/2004
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1 Down, 4 To Go
Wow. Can you believe that I am finished my first year at University? That was definitely the fastest six-to-seven months I have ever experienced. As of my last update, I had finished my classes and all I had left to do were my five exams (in order): ITM200, ACC100, PHL201, MKT100, and MGT100. I went into all of my exams (with the exception of ACC100 (accounting)) with 80's, so I was feeling pretty good. In either event, ITM200 was my vB.Net programming course and while the exam was a killer, I think I did fairly well... well enough to finish the course in the 80's. ACC100, well, that's a different story. I went into it with a 68.8 and to be honest... I'll be lucky if I passed. What's really odd is that, I've always been good with number (in fact, I actually like working with numbers) but for whatever reason... accounting just never "clicked" for me. PHL201 (Philosophy) went really well; it consisted of four essay questions, two short answer questions, and 15 multiple choice. MKT100 (Marketing) went unbelievably well! It was only 50 multiple choice questions and I finished them in less than an hour :). Finally, I smoked the MGT100 (Management) exam. It was 120 multiple choice questions covering the entire 17 chapters of the textbook. How's that for brain-numbing? Anyways, I'll receive my marks sometime mid-May (I think), so I'll post another .plan up then to let you know how things went.

In tJY-related news, expect some big additions and announcements in the coming weeks / months. Now that first-year University is over with, I have a lot of time to devote to the 'Yard and its come-upp'ns. What's in the works? A couple of exclusive interviews with some very interesting individuals, a lot more spotlights, and a new design, to name a few Stay tuned...

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